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LostMyName creates products that give all grown ups creative superpowers to make magical, meaningful connections with the children in their lives. To date we’ve sold over 1.5 million of our beautiful personalised books in 160 countries.

Yakub Zolynksi will talk through the benefits of building an organisation with an awesome culture


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How do you communicate culture externally and raise awareness about your culture?

Videos help, convey culture in every external document, picture job ad/video job ad

How do you manage 2 different cultures within the company?

Find a common ground b/w both and use that as a hook during events, deal with the reality of having 2 cultures

How transparent should you be?

Logical limits on transparency - need to know vs. want to know

How to communicate negative news (e.g. employee has been fired)?

Give the individual the option to communicate it to relevant teams and frame the discussion, don't make a broad announcement, do an exit interview and share learnings with relevant stakeholders

Are there any good metrics for culture?

Define culture and capture them in questions, and get employees to answer the questions (indirectly) -- if 85% right or more are correct, you have someone who is a good fit

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